Monday, February 22, 2010

Me and my Best Pal Board Shorts

I took the plunge and decided to knit my Elliebelly 'Retro Kitsch' into Board Shorts for Aaron.

My sister had sent some wonderful photos of our doggie Lucca when he was a Pup. Aaron and Lucca are best pals so we took our favorite picture and I made him a pocket so he can always have his Lucca with him:)


  1. hi - i found you on Ravelry and stopped by to say 'HI'. don't laugh when i fave all your projects. they're just amazing!!! so colorful and nice.

  2. I won't laugh, I am honored!!:) Great to see you here and on Ravelry, say hi anytime Lynette:)

  3. Very lovely! I love the idea of taking a photo and turning it into a one-of-a-kind patch!